Martin Hewitt – Walking With The Wounded Hero & GB Paralympic World Champion

Walking with the Wounded – Charity Event 

What Ever Your Brand Limited and Hale Dental & Implant Clinic this week hosted a business networking event to highlight the charity Walking with the Wounded.  As part of the event guest speaker and Walking with the Wounded hero Martin Hewitt, give a presentation before answering questions on the teams previous events.


A number of local businesses and senior public figures were invited to the event, which was arranged to allow businesses to network whilst at the same time raising awareness of the Walking with the Wounded charity and their next challenge.

Martin is currently leading a team on a two year project to become the first disabled team in history to summit the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and to walk unsupported to the North and South pole.


After serving as a commissioned officer in HM Parachute Regiment martin gained operational experience in the Middle East.  He was injured whilst leading his men in combat receiving gunshot wounds to the chest and foot.  These injuries paralysed his right arm and ended his military career.

Martin then turned to elite sport and represented Great Britain in the Paralympic World Championships competing in downhill ski racing.  Martin was then asked to develop teams of injured service men to take on world record attempts.

In 2011 he walked unsupported to the North Pole joined by HRH Prince Harry and in 2012 climbed Mt Manaslu 8163M, Mt McKinley and led a team on Mt Everest 8848M.


Martin assists Elite sport teams to develop their leaders and business leaders drawing from a range of experiences developing elite military units, sport and expedition teams.  Currently he is developing the ‘Fieri Grand Slam’ team to climb the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents and walk unsupported to the North and South poles.

At the end of the evening there was also a charity raffle and auction to raise revenue to support the Fieri Grand Slam project.  The team are also offer 20 places at £3,499 on the climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro for people who would like to join this history make event.


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