Sheehan – The Hardest Week of my Life

Alan Sheehan Thanks Supporters and Club 

Bradford City left-back Alan Sheehan has said he owes a debt of gratitude to the club and it’s supporters for helping him through the hardest week of his life.

Alan Sheehan 6

Sheehan’s mother, Anne, died suddenly on 12th August 2014 as Alan was helping the Bantams beat Morecambe in the first round of the Capital Cup at the Globe Arena.  The left-back flew to Ireland to be with his family and to attend the funeral before returning to meet up with the squad for the 3-1 win over Crawley Town.

The twenty-seven year old spent four days back home with his family and he would like to thank all of the supporters and the club staff for their kind messages of support.

Speaking about his week Sheehan said,”It’s probably been the hardest week of my life, I was in complete shock when I got the news about mam,

I missed the Walsall game and I was half thinking that I was coming back too soon, but I felt like I needed to repay the manager, players, staff, fans and everyone connected with Bradford City for the support they have shown me, Its been overwhelming, I can’t speak highly enough about all of the messages i received it’s been unbelievable.

Alan Sheehan 2 

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