Bradford City Board Criticised By Phil Parkinson

Phil Parkinson Unhappy with Board

As the Colchester United team and supporters travelled to the Coral Windows Stadium for this afternoon game, referee Kevin Johnson was holding a pre-match pitch inspection at 1.00pm and he nearly postponed the game.

Both managers condemned the state of the playing surface at Valley Parade, as Filipe Morais earned City a point by scoring a cracking second half volley in a 1-1 draw.

Phil Parkinson went one step further in his post match interview, when he criticised the board for “doing nothing” about the Valley Parade pitch.  Below is an image showing the pitch on the final day of last season and today, which shows a massive difference.


Speaking after the match manager Phil Parkinson said: “I had a board meeting after the Gillingham game two and a half months ago and asked Roger Owen, the director who’s in charge of the pitch, and (fellow director) Graham Jones what they thought of the pitch.

They both said the ball was rolling well and Gillingham had marked it well. I said it was terrible because it’s giving way every time the lads try and turn.  I asked if they can help the groundsman and give him some funds to improve the pitch otherwise we’ll be in trouble with it.

They thought I was making excuses because we were having a bad run at home at the time. But I was telling the truth and nothing was done.  I’ve got to defend the groundsman Mick Doyle because he is working so hard but hasn’t got the help needed. He’s been hung out to dry.”

Phil Parkinson

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