Directors Receive Apologies From Parkinson

Bradford Manager Has Apologised To Directors

Bradford City manager Phil Parkinson has apologised for publicly pointing the finger at two Club directors in his criticism of the Valley Parade pitch.  The Bantams boss was fuming about the playing surface after Saturday’s draw with Colchester and named Roger Owen and Graham Jones in his post-match comments.

Phil Parkinson attended a club meeting  earlier this week to discuss the concerns over the state of the Valley Parade pitch and now all parties insist the matter is resolved and closed.

Phil Parkinson with Trophy

Bradford City manager Phil Parkinson said: “We had a long and productive meeting on Monday this week which involved the Joint Chairmen, Roger Owen, stadium manager David Dowse, James Mason, Steve Parkin, the groundsman Mick Doyle and myself to see what can be done going forward with the pitch.

I was very frustrated after the Colchester game and in the heat of the moment said things which are not correct.  With hindsight, I should not have mentioned Roger Owen and Graham Jones as they are just board member directors with no specific responsibility for the pitch and I have apologised to them.

We are all collectively responsible and are doing what we can to rectify the current situation, the meeting was amicable and constructive and we move forward.”

The club also issued a statement from the board saying: “We acknowledge the work all the directors do on an unpaid basis.  All directors pay a fee to be either on the main board or as associates and, in addition, in the case of Roger and Graham give up their time for free, not even expenses.

Graham Jones and his firm have carried out a lot of stadium maintenance while Roger Owen has led on energy reduction and was responsible for the sale of the former Business Centre.

Phil Parkinson

He also played a part in the deals to secure the training ground and relocation of the club shop, negotiated with the League regarding alterations to the dressing rooms as well as leading meetings and hearings with the Football Association – the latest of which was this week after the Millwall FA Cup replay incident.

Both directors have sourced funding for equipment and improvements through the connection with fans group Friends of Bradford City, where they are the link to the board.”

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