A Week of Terror

Isis Hit The World With Week of Terror

Last Friday the world watched in horror as Isis caused mayhem in different parts of Paris the French capital.  The first incident was in the north of the City at the Stade De France, as two suicide bombers blow themselves up whilst France played Germany in an International friendly.


Just minutes later, gunmen opened fire into Le Carillon restaurant, killing fourteen innocent people who were just out relaxing having an evening meal with friends & family.

The gunmen then moved onto Le Belle Equipe restaurant where a further fourteen people lost their lives whilst chatting and drinking with friends on the pavement just outside the restaurant.

Paris 1

News then started to come in that around 100 people had been taken hostage at the Bataclan Concert Hall whilst they watched the Eagles of Death Metal band perform.

Isis gunmen then started to shoot the hostages one by one, the French police then entered the Bataclan, but as they did the gunmen set off more suicide bombs killing themselves and a further eighty of the hostages.


As the police continued to play catch up a further five more people were shot and killed near to the Les Halles Shopping Centre on Rue Fontaine.

This took the death toll in Paris to one hundred and twenty six, however over the past week a further four people have died in hospital from their injuries taking the death toll up to one hundred and thirty.


Over last weekend the world joined the french people in standing up to the terrorist, people took to the streets in cities around Europe to show that they are not afraid.

As the new week started everyone around Europe was asked to support the French, by holding a one minute silence at 11.00am on Monday morning.

As the international friendly matches continued on Tuesday with England hosting France at Wembley Stadium, the UK went onto alert for a possible terror attack.

However the game passed without incident as the England fans sang the French National Anthem (Le Marseillaise) as a mark of respect to the people that lost their lives in Paris four days earlier.


The German football team were hit twice in four days as their game against Holland was called off just ninety minutes before kick-off due to security reasons.

The week continued with French and Belgium police forces tracking down the attackers with a number of arrests coming in Brussels, French police also raided 150 homes across France which lead to more arrests.

On Wednesday another police raid at a house in Saint-Denis lead to another casualty, when police dog Diesel was shot by extremists during the raid.


The week ended with another attack on Friday evening, this time in Bamako the capital of Mali.  When nineteen people were killed after gunmen shouting Islamic slogans attacked guests in the Radisson Blu International hotel.

Governments around Europe are now working together along with Russia and the United States of America to fight terrorist and to target Isis camps in Syria.

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