European Referendum

Yorkshire Welcomes European Debates

On the 23rd June 2016, the UK will vote in the European referendum which is being held to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

As the debate hots up there has been a number of MP’s arriving in North & West Yorkshire to give you their view about how we should vote come the 23rd June.

Nigel Farage was the first member of parliament to arrive in West Yorkshire this week, when the UKIP leader arrived unannounced in Leeds Kirkgate Market on Wednesday afternoon.

Nigel Farage 5

Farage spent over an hour in the market speaking to reporters, traders and members of the public about why we should vote “NO” and leave Europe.

He looked around the new Covered Daily Market whilst speaking to the press, before going to Malcolm Michael’s butchers for a meat pie.  He then made his way up the new fish row speaking to traders, before leaving the market via the old 1904 Victorian Hall.


On the Friday evening Julian Smith the Conservative MP for Skipton, arranged a European debate at Craven College, the event featured Ken Clarke (Stay Campaign) and local Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans (Leave Campaign).

The debate did not really change my mind about my vote, as both speakers didn’t really offer anything different from what we have already seen on TV.  The Stay Campaign is telling us that if we “Leave” then we could be open to the following:-

  1. Food Prices Increases
  2. Increase Risk of Terror Attacks
  3. Country In Recession
  4. No Access to Single Mark

Nigel Evans

Nigel Evans from the Leave campaign told us all that if we were to vote “Leave” it would mean we would be able to make the choice of who makes the decisions for our country and not have the laws and decisions for our country made by people in  Brussels.

The “Leave” campaign supporters are telling us that if they win we will be able to make the following decisions for our own company:-

  1. Immigration Levels
  2. Save Money (£10 Billion) that we normally send to Europe
  3. Make Laws and Decisions for Our Own Country
  4. Vote for or against the people that make the decisions

For me all of the debate’s happening live around the country and on TV have so far not changed my mind and come the 23rd June 2016, I will be voting to leave the European Union, this is so that the people of Great Britain can make OUR country GREAT again.

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