Former Clarets Keeper Euro Recordbreaker

Gabor Kiraly European Dream

Former Burnley and current Hungary goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly is set to become a record breaker at the age of forty.  If select this afternoon for Hungary at Euro 2016, he will beat Lothar Matthaus’s record as the oldest player to play at a European Championships.


Kiraly, who became a cult hero in England playing in his famous grey jogging bottoms for Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Fulham and Burnley would also become the first 40-year-old to play in the tournament.

Speaking about qualifying for Euro 2016 and his career Gabor Kiraly said, “I think for Hungarian people it’s very important to be in the European Championship and maybe it was only at Christmas I realised what we had achieved.

I read if I play I will be the oldest player to play at a European Championships, but I don’t think about this record because it’s not special.  I feel I am not twenty one anymore, but of course I watch my fitness and body.  I play 23 years in professional level and I am very very motivated.  I want to enjoy the football, enjoy every minute I play with my heart.


It started twenty years ago these grey bottoms, it began in Hungary and it brought me luck and then I take to Hertha Berlin and it brings luck as well as we were in the Champions League.  After that I take it to London, to Crystal Palace, Fulham and Burnley.

I want to be confident in the game. You cannot just put grey bottoms on in goal to play well, you have to move your bottom. I want to work and I can only do this in these grey bottoms.

In the beginning they were black, the kitman didn’t wash them on the Friday and on Saturday we had a game. I had no other bottoms and I take the grey ones and that was the start of the luck.  I play 20 years in these bottoms for Hungary and I don’t think I’ll be changing.”

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