UK Politics in Crisis

Meltdown In UK Politics

On the 22nd February 2016, David Cameron may have started the end of British politics as we know it, this was the date that the Prime Minister advised parliament that the country would be holding a UK referendum on Europe.


The first few months were fairly low-key as MP’s all offered their own views on whether or not the country should vote IN or OUT of the European Union.  Then the two main parties started to split into two different campaigns Remain and Leave.

Boris Johnson then official stepped away from his party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron by joining the Leave campaign, whilst at the same time perhaps starting his own campaign to become Prime Minister.

As Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson travelled the country on their big red bus, building up support from the public for Leave campaign.  Whilst David Cameron (PM) was getting more and more frustrated by the lack of support from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Just one week before the big referendum, the country received the shocking news that Jo Cox (Labour MP) for Batley & Spen had been murdered by a member of the public in the  streets of Batley, after conducting a surgery in the local library.

The mum of two, who has served not only the British public but also the children of war torn countries such as Syria, was attacked and killed by an Englishman in her home town by someone supporting the Britain First campaign.


On the 23rd June 2016, the country went to the polls and voted in the EU referendum, millions of people around the country waited overnight for the result, which was announced around 5.00am on the 24th June 2016 as a win for the Leave campaign.

As the pound fell to the lowest point since 1985, the Prime Minister lost his bottle and instead of standing tall and delivering the country’s decision, he took the option to resign.

As the news broke the conservative party had a mini meltdown, with supporters of David Cameron saying they would not support Boris Johnson in becoming the new PM.


Then the attention switched to the Labour party as a number of high profile members started to question Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, this was due to his lack of presence and leadership as well as lack of support to David Cameron and the Remain campaign.

The next crisis arrived yesterday, as Jeremy Corbyn then hit the self destruct button, when Hilary Benn (Shadow Foreign Secretary) said he had lost confidence in the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn sacked him from the shadow cabinet and said Benn was looking to make a challenge for the leadership.


This morning following the sacking of Hilary Benn yesterday the following MP’s have all resigned from the shadow cabinet, Heidi Alexander, Ian Murray, Gloria de Piero, Lillian Greenwood, Lucy Powell, Kerry McCarthy and Seema Malhotra.  The events today leave Jeremy Corbyn no choice but to resign and allow another leadership election campaign.

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