Rangers Ban Barton

Former Claret Barton Given Three Week Ban

Glasgow Rangers Football Club have today confirmed they have suspended Joey Barton for three weeks, following a row with team mate Andy Halliday after the Celtic defeat.  Former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson said there is no way back for the former Clarets midfielder


The midfielder was sent home last week after a training ground row with former Bradford City player Andy Halliday.  Rangers then announced he had been banned after he attended an Ibrox meeting on Monday morning.

Barton has made eight appearances for Rangers since joining as a free agent from Premier League side Burnley in the summer on a two-year deal.  Whilst Rangers have not be drawn on the matter, however Barton has apologised on Twitter before giving a radio interview questioning his ban from training.

Speaking about the incident at Ranger former captain Barry Ferguson said, “It’s part and parcel of Joey Barton, firstly he is a really good player and secondly he likes to have his say.

I played against Joey plenty of times and I got to know him when I was doing my A-licence course two years ago and found him an interesting, intelligent guy. But he was like that on the course, even when the assessors were showing us things he wasn’t too happy with it.”


In my day, there were plenty of arguments, plenty of fights, but the furthest it got was into the dressing room and then it got sorted.”


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