Dyche Admits Interest In England Job

England Role to Soon For Dyche

As Sam Allardyce leaves his role as national manager the Football Association are now on the lookout for a new England manager.  The Clarets manager, Sean Dyche fits the bill for the Football Association as one of very few english managers in the Premier League.


Dyche admits he would love a crack at the three lions vacancy, however he believes this opportunity has come to soon with him only having managed 231 games at club level.  As the Football Association again look likely to appoint an English bosses, Dyche could come under consideration following his achievements at Turf Moor.

Speaking about the role Sean Dyche said, “Would I be interested at some point in the future, of course you would want to have a go at the England job.  However my CV is not deep enough, I don’t feel, to take that on now.

I could in the sense of ‘go on, I could have a go’ but you want to be in a position in anything in life when you’ve got the depth of knowledge and experience to actually achieve something, not just take it on because you can.

It’s not that I wouldn’t want to do it ever, because I would somewhere down the line if it ever came my way.  But I think you must have the layers in place to make a success of it.

Gareth Southgate

There are other people out there at the moment who are in a better place to take on a challenge like that. England U21 manager  Gareth Southgate deserves his chance with the senior set-up.  He’s the most obvious he has been around it and has  experienced it as a player, with working at the FA and working with a technical director and the under-21s.”

It has previously been suggested that a young manager, such as Dyche or former Clarets manager Eddie Howe, could come in under a more experienced boss to learn the ropes ready for a smooth transition, but the Clarets chief isn’t sure how that would work.

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