Former Clarets Full-Back Saving Lives

Wayne Dowell to Assist Leukaemia Sufferers

Wayne Dowell signed his first professional deal with Burnley Football Club in the summer of 1994, he then went to play 6 games for the club before being released in May 1996. After leaving Burnley he then went on to play for Carlisle United,Rochdale and Doncaster Rovers before a spell in non-league football.


After finishing his football career, Dowell became a firefighter and started his first post at Burnley Fire Station.  Whilst working at the fire station six years ago he signed to donate stem cells for a colleague’s ill wife.

Unfortunately he was not able to assist his colleagues wife, but the Anthony Nolan Trust kept his records on file and he has recently been contacted to undergo tests to confirm he is a match for a new patient.

Speaking about assisting leukaemia sufferers Wayne Dowell said, “A number of us at Burnley Fire Station signed up six years ago to help a colleague, whose wife sadly passed away from leukaemia.

Completely out of the blue, I received a phone call recently saying I might be a possible match and would I like to travel to London for tests. I had some medical’s in London which found that I’m a 100% match. I’m a bit apprehensive about going through the procedure but also excited because it could mean saving someone’s life.

Wayne will now have four consecutive injections at his home in Fence which will give him an overdose of stem cells. He will then travel to University College Hospital in London for two procedures, one of which will involve taking blood from his arms, and the other will see surgeons drilling into his pelvis.

Despite not knowing who his donation will be helping, Wayne and his family are looking forward to help save someone life. For more information about becoming a donating you can visit

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