Clarets Appoint New Youth Manager

Michael Duff Appointed U23 Manager

Former Clarets central defender Michael Duff has been appointed as the clubs new Senior Professional Development Phase Coach for the club’s U23’s.  Duff who managed the U18’s last season following his retirement as a player, steps up into his new role following the recent departure of Michael Jolley.


Speaking about his appointment Michael Duff said, “It was a bit of a shock with Mike Jolley leaving to go and take a job in Sweden, so there was an opportunity to step up which the club have asked me to do and I’m happy to do.

“It’s a nice progression into a new career and it probably happened a little bit quicker than I expected, but it’s a career path I want to take and I eventually want to end up managing, but I’m in a good place at the minute.  I’m learning from a good manager, with the new category status at the Academy and going into the better games programme, playing against better players rather than just friendlies all the time.

There’s obviously some of the lads who I worked with last year moving up, so the continuity is good.  Duff, who began his new role on the Academy’s return to training yesterday said, I learned a lot last year about how to deal with other people and which training sessions worked and didn’t.  I really enjoyed it and it just seems to sit that the club have asked me to move up and I’m more than happy to do it, working with professional players and the different demands.

Duff 2.jpg

The Squad will this season compete in the Professional Development League for the first time, following the Academy being granted Category Two status. That will pit the players against rival teams in a regional division, rather than the ad-hoc friendlies organised for the Development Squad last season.  Duff feels that will provide another stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of progressing towards first team football.

I think it’s good and I think it’s important because friendlies are friendlies and however much you can try and dress it up, the players see them as that.  Now, there are three points at stake so it’s a different pressure on the players and different expectations. Ultimately, it’s still about development, but part of the development now is about learning how to win a game of football so they’ll get asked different questions.

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