Jail Sentence Doubled For Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius Sentence Doubled

A South African court has today increased the jail sentence of former Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius’s for killing his girlfriend to 15 years less time served, which means he will now spend another 13 years and 5 months in prison. Having initially been given a five year term for manslaughter in 2014, he was found guilty of murder on appeal in 2015, Pistorius was not in court today to hear the sentence be doubled by the judge.


The lower court had justified the six-year sentence by citing mitigating circumstances such as rehabilitation and remorse. It said they outweighed aggravating factors such as his failure to fire a warning shot. However prosecutors had argued that the six-year term for murdering Reeva Steenkamp was “shockingly light”.

Carl Pistorius the brother of Oscar said on social media that he was “shattered, Heartbroken and Gutted” at the decision. he also want on to say, “We have all suffered incomprehensible loss, the death of Reeva was and still is a great loss for our family too,”

Ms Steenkamp’s parents were “emotional” as they watched the ruling at home on TV, a spokeswoman said, “They feel there has now been justice for Reeva and she can now rest in peace.” Perhaps this verdict will mark the end of this case as both famililies have been living with the pressure of this trial since February 2013.


Aug 2012     Competes in London Olympics and Paralympics, wins a gold medal
Feb 2013      Shoots dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Mar 2014     Trial begins
Sept 2014     Judge finds Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide
Oct 2014       Begins five-year sentence
Oct 2015       Transferred to house arrest
Dec 2015      Appeal court changes verdict to murder
July 2016     Sentenced to six years in jail for murder
Nov 2017      Sentence more than doubled to 15 years, less time served

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