Cook Well With Leeds Rhinos

One You Leeds

One You Leeds is a free local healthy living programme run by Leeds City Council, Reeds, Momenta, Zest and Jamie’s Ministry of Food the service designed to support the residents of Leeds to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It’s not always easy in our busy lives to make the right choices when it comes to our health, but the partners are offering support to the Leeds public.


Over the last three weeks, Leeds Rhinos have been attending Leeds Kirkgate Market for cooking lessons as part of the Cook Well Programme which is designed for people to learn basic kitchen and food skills. The programme follows Jamie Oliver recipes that are well balanced and full of nutrition.

A number of players have been attending the Cook Well events such as Ashton Golding, Brett Ferres, Jordan Lilley and Kallum Watkins who have all helped to promote the new programme, which is looking to pass the following key messages to the public.

Cook Well – Key Message

  • Cook Well is the name for the One You Leeds hands-on cooking classes.
  • The classes help local residents learn basic kitchen and food skills.
  • The classes follow Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking programme and participants get to cook Jamie Oliver recipes, developed with nutrition and balance in mind.
  • Classes are run in groups, but lots of personal support is available – including an assessment to create an individual cooking plan.
  • The classes are 8 weeks long, with a range of recipes and skills can be learnt.
  • Classes are at a reduced cost for those living in deprived areas of Leeds.
  • The programme aims to encourage healthier eating habits for Leeds residents.


The One you Leeds is not just about cooking it can also assist the public to stop smoking, lose weight and understand how to eat well.  Most of these services are available free of charge to Leeds redidents with the main focus being on deprived area’s of the City.

One You Leeds – Key Message

  • Healthy lifestyle service available to Leeds residents.
  • Support to be Smoke Free, Manage Your Weight, Cook Well and Eat Well
  • Most services are available FREE to Leeds residents, with a focus on deprived areas.
  • A range individual support, group classes, activities and support is available.
  • Information & access to services available at or 0800 169 4219
  • Facebook: OneYouLeeds – Twitter: @OneYouLeeds


Speaking about the cooking events Ashton Golding said, “It’s great for the young players at the club, who are all either thinking about or are moving into their own homes and this course gives you the chance to fully understand what you should be eating.  The course also gives us the chance to improve our cooking skills using Jamie Oliver recipes.

I think its important for the club and the players to support community project like One You Leeds to assist the supporters to eat well, plus as players we need to set an example to the young supports to ensure they eat health whilst learning some new skills, if the Leeds Rhinos players can learn how to cook then anyone can.”

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