Clarets Chairman Joins Brexit Discussion

Brexit “Hugely Damaging” According to Burnley Chairman

Clarets chairman Mike Garlick says the uncertainty over a deal with the European Union is hugely damaging to English football and is already making it very difficult for clubs to sign players. The chairman’s message comes after Burnley manager Sean Dyche told the media, that this summer has been the hardest transfer window he has had to manage.


Currently players from the European Union are allowed to play professional football in England as part of the freedom-of-movement rules, whilst those players from outside the European Union require a work permit.  The government is currently in negotiations with the other member states over an agreement on the future relationship. If negotiations fail it could mean a “No Deal” Brexit which may jeopardise those freedom-of-movement rules.

Speaking about Brexit Mike Garlick said, “The destructive Brexit path being pursued by the government threatens to have a hugely damaging effect on clubs across the country, it threatens to make the widening inequality gap in our top division even worse.

The value of the pound against the euro already making it harder for clubs to sign players, ending freedom of movement will make it much more difficult for teams to attract the right talent, if the government brings in more restrictive conditions for work visas for players from Europe.”

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