Former Shayman Helping the Homeless Community

Geoff Horsfield’s Foundation Helping the Homeless

Former professional football Geoff Horsfield has set up a foundation and is raising money to assist the homeless.  The former Halifax Town, Fulham, Birmingham City & West Brom striker has previously set up five homes to help vulnerable people in the West Midlands.


This weekend whilst returning home from hospital with his nine-year daughter the former Port Vale coach stopped to assist a rough sleeper in Wylde Green, by putting the man up in a B&B for the weekend saying that he wants to “make life a bit better for people”.

Speaking to the BBC former footballer Geoff Horsfield said, “This guy was dripping wet, cold and just sitting there so we got him a coffee and asked him his story. Then I just said let’s get you put up in a B&B out of the cold, so he came with us in the car to a place called Erdington where we put him up. I said he could invite a friend to stay there with him, but unfortunately the friend couldn’t make it.”


Since leaving the B&B the man originally from the Lichfield has been in touch to thank him.  Mr Horsfield, who now runs his own building business carried out maintenance work for the local housing association which helps vulnerable people, which led to him setting up his own foundation. He now hopes to set up a centre for homeless people and ex-service personnel.

To find out more about the Geoff Horsfield Foundation or to assist in raising funds for the foundation then contact Geoff Horsfield (Managing Director) via the following email address:-

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