Dyche Fearful Of Sack As Clarets Struggle

Burnley Boss Dyche Fearful of Sack

Sean Dyche doesn’t feel safe in the Burnley hot seat despite his historic achievements at the club. The Clarets sit three points adrift of safety in eighteenth in the Premier League with twelve points, twenty fewer than at the same stage last season.


Last season’s seventh-placed finish saw the Clarets qualify for Europe for the first time in half a century, but seven months on the feeling around Turf Moor is very different with the Clarets deep in a relegation battle. Following a 5-1 defeat at home to Everton, which ended with boos from the stands and voices questioning Dyche’s future, although in the minority have begun to grow louder.

Dyche is the fourth longest-serving manager across the Premier League and Football League having taken charge of the Clarets more than six years ago. he club stuck with him despite relegation in 2015. The 47-year-old said, “I think there is a bit of reality from the outside, people looking in, but don’t for a minute think I think I’m set in stone here.

I’am not, eventually people want change and I’ve said it for years here, eventually they will want change for good or bad reasons. Either I go somewhere else for the reason we’ve been very successful, or we haven’t, and my position changes. It’s not something that concerns me. I know the work we put in here and I’m quite pleased, not with results, but the general work. The amount of work my staff and players put in on the training ground, if people question it, that’s the way it goes. But they question it on results, not on workload.


I think the fans have been patient, in fact they have been excellent actually, they know the journey of the club. We’ve got probably 12,000 who were here when I got here and have seen it radically change in six or so years.  A few have come along the way who have seen, probably, only successful periods. So maybe they are looking at the whole bigger picture, I don’t know. But I totally understand when they do get frustrated.

I think the chairman understands the challenges and where’s it’s at, but, of course, he wants us to be winning and not in the position we are, like we all do. I wouldn’t change any of it, many historical markers chiselled in stone, that’s an amazing thing, but it passes quickly. You asked me about credit in the bank, it’s all gone, the next challenge is the next game.”

Dyche feels last season’s achievements have made Burnley’s task even harder in the transfer market, with higher figures quoted for players, but no matter how the rest of the campaign plays out, he will have no regrets. Burnley’s next challenge comes on Sunday when West Ham United visit Turf Moor.

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