Barton’s Stag Do Ends In Beach Brawl

Former Clarets Midfielder Joey Barton Party Ends In Newquay Beach Brawl 

Former Clarets midfielder Joey ­Barton spent the bank holiday weekend with his friends in Newquay, Cornwall. Barton, now manager of Sky Bet League One side Fleetwood Town is due to marry Georgia McNeil and was on the south coast for his stag party.

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The former Newcastle United, Manchester City, QPR and Burnley star, was on Towan beach drinking and doing running races with friends, when according to an eye witness another group of men rugby tackled one of Joey’s mates and it all kicked off. Families fled the beach as the groups clashed on the sands with one of Barton’s par­ty filmed decking three men.

The same man was then seen flooring two more as both sides joined the melee in a forty second brawl which got quickly out of control as children on the beach were hurriedly take away by their parents.


Barton’s party arrived in Newquay on Friday for three nights of booze-fuelled celebrations, during which they went on a bar crawl and hired out a lapdancing club. The footage of the clash on Sunday night starts with two men being pulled apart and trouble appears to be calming down. Then a reveller in black wearing white soled trainers, with his back to the camera is seen stalking across the sands and points his finger at a rival.

He throws a left cross sending the man staggering back, another right sends his target to the ground as a friend tries to hold him back. The attacker is wrestled to the floor in a melee as eight more men join in. He gets back on to his feet and floors two men. Others trade punches and a shirtless thug is filmed kicking a defenceless man on the ground.


Witnesses said the brawl ended when the second group of men ran away. A spokesman for Barton said, “Joey categorically denies being involved.” whilst one of the men from the stage party said, “Joey was good as gold, the stag party were boisterous but were like every other stag party with the lads enjoying Newquay.”

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