Horsfall Stadium Welcomes Back Bower

Bradford Park Avenue Install Mark Bower As Boss

Bradford Park Avenue Football Club have confirmed this week that Mark Bower has agreed to return to the club as first team manager alongside his assistant Danny Boshell.

Bower, who lead the Avenue to two successive National League North play off places joins the side at the start of a lull in league action, with the first team not due to take to the field until the 12th of October, when they face off against Hereford United at Horsfall Stadium.

Speaking about his return to the club Mark Bower said, “I’m really pleased to be coming back. There’s no denying its a big job. We are where we are and have to be realistic, there’s no magic wand. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to turn it around. I have spoken to Gareth and off the pitch the club is going the right way and getting into a much better shape. To get it right on the pitch we need everyone pulling in the right direction, young players need supporting, lead by a core of experience.

It wont be easy, we have some dark days but can’t dwell on those. We have to get everyone together and work to get out of the bottom Two. The target is to stay up at the moment and we need your support more than ever. We’ve had some great times as a club over the past few years, with good wins and hard fought points, often times that been down to the ‘Twelfth Man’ effect. But now we need everyone to come together and fight for the Avenue, both on the pitch and in the stands.”

Due to the appointment of the new management team the interim management team of Marcus Law and Lee Fowler have left the club after stepping in at short notice to assist in very difficult circumstances.

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