St. Louis Cardinals Host Chicago Cubs In London Series

Major League Baseball (The London Series)

Major League Baseball is set to return to the London Stadium on the 13 & 14th June 2020 as the St Louis Cardinals host the Chicago Cubs in the second London Series. Back home in the USA both teams play in the National League Central Division, however the St Louis Cardinals have a slight edge as they are the current Central Division League Champions.

The first Major League Baseball (London Series) was played at the London Stadium on the 29th & 30th June 2019, which proved to be a massive success with both games selling out. The first match of the series came close to breaking a number of records at four hours and forty-two minutes, the game was only three minutes shorter than the longest nine inning game in MLB history. The thirty runs scored during the match were the second-most ever in a game between two teams, whilst the attendance of 59,659 was the most at any Major League Baseball match since 28th September 2003.

The second match proved to be just as good with Boston Red Sox having three first inning home runs, which was the first time the team accomplished that feat since the 14th August 1979. The New York Yankees then came from behind to take an 11–4 lead in the seventh inning, when they sent fourteen batters to the plate. An eighth inning home run by Didi Gregorius extended the Yankees’ record of consecutive games with a home run to thirty one. The fifty runs scored in the two game series were the most scored ever in consecutive games between the Yankees and Red Sox.

The iconic London Stadium will be transformed once again to host the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs as they playout a two-game series, competing for not just two regular season wins, but for the latest bragging rights in a rivalry spanning more than 100 years.

The St. Louis Cardinals are certified baseball royalty, arriving as the defending National League Central Division winners and are backed by one of the biggest and most fervent supporter bases in all of baseball. The opposition, the Chicago Cubs captured the world’s imagination in 2016 when after a 98-year drought they took home the World Series trophy for the third time in their history.

The Chicago Cubs are featured in a well known film in the 1980’s Brewster’s Millions were actor Richard Pryor played against the New York Yankies as a pitcher as he arranged a friendly match between the Cubs and the Yankies.

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