Clarets Transfer Policy & Wage Structure Must Improve

Sean Dyche Requires Backing In Transfer Window

Clarets fans around the world currently have at least two disappointing moments every season, the first is normally the summer transfer window and the second is the January transfer window. However the club continue with the same excuse that they will not put the club into financial trouble, whilst the fans watch teams like Newcastle United, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa spend millions on new players ever season.

I’ve watched the Clarets since they won the Football League Division 3 Championship lead by Brian Miller in the 1981-82 season. Over the years the club has had it’s issues struggling in the fourth division and almost going out of business in 1987. So having watched the club for nearly forty years, I do understand the supporter that say Sean Dyche is one of the best ever managers the club has had and that we are a Premier League club and should enjoy watching the team during the current good times.

However, something is not right with the clubs current transfer policy and wage structure which has seen the club miss out on a number excellent players over the various transfer windows, that would have improved the current squad. The big question is how does the club compete in the current transfer market and who is at fault for the lack of signings is it the current club directors, techincal director Mike Rigg or manager Sean Dyche.

Mike Rigg (Techincal Director) was hired by the club to assist the manager in the transfer market following two poor transfer windows. Since he arrived at the club in November 17 the club has been active in five transfer windows selling seven players and signing nine. I have to say in my opinon seven of the nine players we have purchased should never have been signed. During Mike Rigg’s time the club have signed Lennon, Gibson, Hart, Vydra, Drinkwater (Loan), Pieters, Rodgiruez, Brownhill and Peter Crouch.

At least five of those signings appear on the list below which shows just how much money the club has wasted over the last three years on fringe players. Goalkeeper Adam Legzdins has been paid £780,000 in three years and is yet to make a first team appearance, Nahki Wells played just half a game (46 mins) in nine substitute appearnces over two and a half years, whilst Ben Gibson has made just 6 appearances for his £4M wage and is currently training with another club. However, the clubs worst decision was selling fans favourite Sam Vokes for Peter Crouch who made just six appearances before retiring.

PlayerGamesTimeSalary (Year)Player Paid
Legzdins  03 Years  £0.2M  £0.7M
Wells 0.52.5 Years  £1.3M  £3.2M
Drinkwater  25 months  £5.2M  £2.6M
Gibson  62 Years  £2.0M  £4.0M
Hart242 Years  £2.3M  £4.6M
Vydra252 Years  £1.8M  £3.6M
Lennon533 Years   £1.8M  £5.4M
Total £14.6M£24.1M
Salary information taken from

Having spent £81.6M last season on players wages, Chairman Mike Garlick said, “We believe our wage structure gives a high level of flexibility for all scenarios, whilst giving a competitive edge for our players and management to drive our great club forward. I have to disagree with the Chairman as the current wage structure and transfer policy are not at all flexible and if anything stop the manager from purchasing the players he would like to improve the current playing squad which in turns impacts him driving the club forward.

Despite that you do have to question the manager, who is in overall charge of the playing staff. Looking at the above list two players Nahki Wells & Matej Vydra both of which were the top scorers in the Sky Bet Championship have not been given a chance at the club, which has meant Nahki Wells has left the club and is scoring goals weekly. Whilst Danny Drinkwater signed on loan for the club and then went out drinking and got injured, at that point he should have been returned to Chelsea.

Yet again the Clarets boss has managed to get the best out of the squad that he has and with another one or two wins this season the Clarets will be in the Premier League for another season. It’s now time to write a new transfer policy and wage structure that will allow manager Sean Dyche to purchase the players that he requires in order to ensure the club drives forward to reach the Europa League spot or a top ten finish.

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