Clarets Coach Returns to Turf Moor Duties

Steve Stone Continues Clarets Coaching Role Following Suspension

Burnley Academy Manager Jon Pepper has explained the role Steve Stone will play with the Clarets U23 head coach returned to the club. The Clarets U23 boss, Steve Stone was suspended by the club in October 2019 in an agreed break, amid allegations of bullying but he has now returned to Turf Moor after a resolution was reached between the two parties.

Burnley confirmed that an independent investigation took place and that the matter has now concluded. Stone is now overseeing the development of those youngsters who are out on loan, the club currently has eleven youngsters out on loan and the bulk of them he worked closely with the former Nottingham Forest winger in the past.

Stone, will now monitor the Clarets loanees who are currently making their mark playing first team football away from Turf Moor. Whilst former Clarets midfielder Andy Farrell will remain in charge of the U23’s side for the time being, with most of that group now being made up of players from the Clarets U18 squad.

Speaking about the return of Steve Stone to the club academy manager Jon Pepper said, “Steve is back in the building and great to see him back. Part of his role over the coming weeks is to go and touch base with the lads out on loan, get some feedback from them, get some feedback from the managers they are working for and possibly take in a few games that they are playing in so he can feedback in terms of how they are developing.

In terms of the planning for the future if contracts are up or if they are coming back next season, what kind of level they are going to have next time and there may be some interest from the clubs they are with because they are out there in the shop window. So there is all that to manage. Steve is going to touch base with all the players that ate out on loan, who are spread all across the country and Ireland so he is going to put some mileage in to get out and see how they are doing.”

Burnley U23’s have seen a host of matches called off in recent weeks due to the weather and have not played since the 6th February 2020, however their next scheduled fixture is a Professional Development League game away at Crewe on the 9th March 2020, kick-off at 1.00pm.

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