Clarets Set Fifty Million Transfer Fee For Dwight McNeil

Sean Dyche Warns Premier League Big Boys You Won’t Get McNeil Cheap

Dwight McNeil is currently being linked with Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Leicester City and a host of other teams including Italian giants Juventus.

The clubs position is to demand a fee in the region of £50m is strengthened by the fact the winger signed an improved deal, extended to 2023, only last year. Dyche knows one thing for sure the Clarets won’t be spending big and so will watch with interest to see whether the transfer market will be more conservative after Coronavirus pandemic.

The financial reality caused by the coronavirus has led to predictions that player prices could fall and richer clubs could pick up bargains from cash-strapped rivals. However the Clarets boss Sean Dyche said, “The club is in an incredibly strong position financially and that hasn’t changed because of the coronavirus. If anyone does want to knock on our door and ask for our players, I don’t think it will affect the price radically. We know the true worth of our players.

If you’re talking about us as a club, it would be difficult to get more conservative. If you’re talking about the greater view of football, we’ll see. We’ve already seen a couple of moves that are going to happen for massive amounts of money. The £50million mark which still seems a hell of a lot of money in my world at Burnley. The clubs that are very wealthy and have incredibly weather owners might see it as an opportunity. They may see players they thought they were going to have to pay large amounts for come down, so they may see it was an opportunity to get players cheaper than what they thought.”

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