Clarets Defender Has No Intention of Re-Signing For Burnley

James Tarkowski Could Leave Turf Moor In Next Transfer Window

James Tarkowski has revealed that he has been offered and rejected two new Burnley contacts and that he doesn’t envisage signing a deal any time soon. The centre back was the subject of interest from West Ham United and Leicester City in the transfer window with both clubs making offers, but the Clarets rejected both bids which lead to Tarkowski remaining a Burnley player at the end of the summer.

The player was open to moving in a bid to further his international ambitions having slipped down the pecking order with England and he has now given an interview to the Telegraph in which he seems to make clear that his long-term future is away from Turf Moor. Tarkowski, whose current deal expires in June 2022, revealed that he had rejected two contract offers from the club and the last window was a missed opportunity for him.

However he insisted he would continue to give his best for the club, adding he didn’t want to damage his relationship with the Burnley fans, even is he understands why some might turn against him. Speaking about his current contract situation Tarkowski said, “Burnley offered me a contract near the start of last season, which for me personally, it was nowhere near what I was going to sign and I think the club understood, they came back again this year and still, for me, it’s just not right.

Finances do matter, but at this particular stage whatever path I take I will get financially rewarded so the financial side is not even in my thinking at the moment. It’s more about my football. We have had two transfer windows now where the club have decided for whatever reason, that whatever has been offered on the table hasn’t been enough and that’s fine because I signed a contract for four-and-a-half years. So I won’t whinge or not turn up, I just need to deal with it and get on with my football.

But the longer my contract runs down, I feel I gain the control of my career more than Burnley having the control of it, which is what I feel like I need right now. There is nothing I have heard or has been put to me that makes me think there is a scenario in which I would sign a new contract at Burnley Football Club, that can change but currently that is the situation.

In terms of playing, nothing changes, my desire to want to be at my best for me and for the team never changes. I’ve got relationships at Burnley that I will want to keep for the rest of my life, so for me to just down tools and say, ‘this is it’, it wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t want to. I want to perform for Burnley, they have given me a great opportunity to play in the Premier League, something which I’ve loved over the last four years.

I signed a contract and I’ve got to stick to that and play it out and I want to give my best for Burnley. I’m not just going to let it be a case of getting the next year or whatever out of the way. In terms of his relationship with the Burnley fans, its a really close club and I like to think I’ve always had a tight relationship with the fans and I wouldn’t want that to change because I have such a lot of respect for them. I hope they also appreciate that I’ll always do my best for the club, but also that I will want to do the best for myself. 

If there are fans who are upset with me for not wanting to sign a new contract, then it’s their opinion and I understand they want the best for Burnley first and foremost. Just because I won’t sign a new contract doesn’t mean it takes away from the commitment I have to my current contract. The last window is obviously a missed opportunity for me and if clubs can’t get the player they want then they will go elsewhere and sign someone else, but I don’t worry too much about it because I’ve got great belief in myself.”

Tarkowski has made it clear that he has ambitions to play European and International football, but that did not stop Burnley making him a new contract offer in the last few weeks. However, Tarkowski has made it clear he has no intention of re-signing with the Clarets, as he moves into the final 18 months of his current contract that expires in 2022.

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