Former Bradford City Footballer Starts Prison Sentence

Tyrell Robinson Jailed For Underage Sex With Fourteen Year Old Girls

Former Bradford City professional footballer Tyrell Robinson has today been jailed for three and a half years for having sex with an underage girl and taking a photograph of his friend in bed with two naked fourteen year olds the same night. Robinson, who was once with Arsenal Football Club’s academy was almost twenty, when three fourteen year old girls joined him and his friend Korie Berman at his flat in Bradford in August 2018.

Tyrell Robinson has since been sacked by Bradford City, knew the girls’ ages and had discussed with his friend Berman the fact they were underage, Bradford Crown Court heard. Robinson, now twenty-three was jailed after he admitted sexual activity with a child, making an indecent image of a child and distributing an indecent image of a child.

The indecency charges related to taking a photo on his mobile phone of Berman with two drunk, naked fourteen year olds in the footballer’s spare room. Robinson then shared the photo with Berman, along with emojis indicating sexual activity and the police, the court heard. Berman, now twenty-two was jailed for six years after admitting five counts of sexual activity with a child. Gillian Batts, prosecuting, said, “Robinson had met the victims at a social event he had been told not to attend by club manager.”

Bradford City had given all players safe-guarding training regarding young and vulnerable people, including not to give under eighteen’s their contact details, the court heard. But Robinson did make contact with two of the girls after the meeting and was aware they were underage. He messaged one saying, “I think you are stunning but your age is a killer.” Korie Berman messaged him back saying, “Bro why dat ting from your ends so sexy?” The footballer replied telling him she was only 14 and to “calm down” something the judge called “nothing short of hypocrisy” whilst sentencing given what was to happen later.

The court heard Berman looked up a BBC website article titled “What happens if you have underage sex” and took a screenshot of it. The court heard Berman had sex with one of the 14-year-olds on two separate occasions at Robinson’s flat when the footballer was away. He also gave his victim nitrous oxide from a balloon on the second occasion, which made her light-headed. On the 13th August 2018, three girls who had already drunk vodka came to the player’s flat where Berman and Robinson gave them more alcohol shots.

The two girls Robinson photographed with Berman had little or no recollection of what he did with them, the court heard, but he told police they had sex. Robinson took his victim to his bedroom and had sex with her only stopping when one of the other girls came in to tell his victim that her mother was on the phone. In the following days Berman tried to save Robinson, telling the mother of one of the victims that the footballer would lose his job.

Korie Berman was arrested at the player’s flat, whilst Robinson himself was arrested at Macclesfield Town’s ground after playing for Bradford City where he told police, “Is this about my mate, I have been worried about him?”

Marie Spenwyn, said for Robinson who is from South Ockendon, Essex, “He has let his family down and everyone who believed in him, from the Arsenal academy to Bradford City Football Club. His football background, including being away from home at an academy from a young age, lead his “maturity to not be what it should be.” He has since become a father and has a partner who is standing by him.

Andrew Dallas, for Berman, who is from Thurrock, Essex, said his behaviour was a “serious aberration” by someone who was still a teenager at the time. Judge Richard Mansell QC said an adult who knew the victims described them as “immature, typical 14-year-olds who were sexually inexperienced, naïve and vulnerable to grooming and sexual exploitation by adult men.” The offences had caused all three girls and their families considerable harm, the judge said. Both men will be on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Weekes, of Bradford District Police, said: “We welcome the prison sentences that have been handed down to both Berman and Robinson today, given their guilty pleas they have spared their victims from going through the court process. We would like to reassure anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse that you will be listened to and supported by the police. We have specially trained officers in our safeguarding units who are committed to bringing perpetrators to justice. Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse or crime is encouraged to contact the police and report any offences.”

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