Settle Cricket Club Welcomes Barbados All-Rounder

Dante Niles (Young Oversea’s Player) Arrives At Marshfield

It’s fair to say the last twelve months has been difficult for all sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. However the travel bans around the globe over the last twelve months have not just impacted the local cricket clubs, but also the professional cricketers who make a living playing in cricket leagues around the world. Having missed the whole of last season club professional Ashen Silva has returned to Marshfield this season along with the clubs new young overseas player Barbados all-rounder Dante Niles.

After following government guidelines and self-isolating for the first ten days in April, he missed the pre-season friendly against Morecambe Cricket Club. However he made his Settle Cricket Club debut against Read Cricket Club at Marshfield in the first home game of the season, the following week he made forty-nine runs and took three wickets against an inform Salesbury Cricket Club as the club won their opening two league fixtures.

Niles, who is from Kingsland Terrace, Christ Church played schoolboy cricket before joining Carlton Cricket Club were he played in the Desmond Haynes U16 Cricket Final losing to Dover Juniors. He has since gone on to represent his country Barbados at U19 level, the young all-rounder is now looking to improve his skills and develop even further as the club looks to win the Ribblesdale Cricket League three years running.

Chadwick Media has this week spoken to the Barbados all-rounder Dante Niles about his career and the season ahead as the Young Overseas player joins Settle Cricket Club in the 2021 Ribblesdale Cricket League season.


Biggest influence on your cricket career?

The biggest influence on my cricketing career has to be my parents they support me 100% but I would also have to say the fact I didn’t much fancy school or working in a 9-5 job so that has influenced me to focus hard on my career in cricket to ensure I can play full-time.

What is your best cricket highlight so far?

My cricket highlight would have to be getting selected and representing Barbados U19’s to play for your country at any level is a proud moment and to be selected was an honour.

Tell us about your cricket debut?

I started my cricketing career and my cricket debut at primary school, but I don’t think I did anything memorable in the match because I don’t remember any of the details. I do remember it was a great feeling to represent your first cricket team. I then joined Carlton Cricket Club which is a great place to play cricket and a very well known club in Barbados.

Best player you played with and why?

Kyle Mayers who currently represents the West Indies would have to be the best player I’ve played with and against. Simply because he has the ability to win a cricket match at any given time, whether he is batting, bowling or fielding he understands the game well and is full of confidence which makes him an even greater player. In February 2021, on his Test debut he scored 210 not out against Bangladesh which led the West Indies to a three wicket win in the second innings of the first test. 

How did you find out that Settle Cricket Club were interested in signing you as their Young Overseas Player and was it a difficult decision to join the club?

There is no sport being played back home in Barbados due to the coronavirus pandemic so I registered with an agent in the UK as I was looking for an opportunity to play some cricket overseas. After giving the agent all the relevant details and stats, I received a call a few weeks later to advise me that Settle Cricket Club were interested in me joining them as their young overseas player. After speaking to the agent and the club it was agreed I would sign for the club and spend this summer in the UK.

As an all-rounder you have to be able to perform with both the bat and ball but which do you prefer the most batting or bowling. Also what do you consider are your strengths & weaknesses?

I was more of a bowler earlier in my career, but as I’ve got older I realised the importance of being a decent batsman and I have grown to like batting more than bowling. In terms of my strengths I have a number of scoring shots that I can use during a game and I also like to rotate the strike as it forces the bowlers into errors. I would say that my weakness is that I tend to get carried away and want to play to many shots all at once. I would say in terms of my bowling I have the ability to take wickets, however sometimes that can come at a cost which is being expensive in terms of runs.

How are you finding your time at Settle Cricket Club in terms of working with the players, training, matches and the weather?

Yes, I love it here in Settle and I have settled in quite well. In terms of being at the cricket club its really enjoyable working with the players, the vibes and energies around the team are just wonderful. I have played two matches now for the club and we have won both, so its a good start to the season. The weather is cold and I’m still getting accustomed to it.

Settle Cricket Club have won the Ribblesdale Cricket League for the last two seasons do you think the club can win the league for a third season in a row?

Yes, I think the club has the ability to win the league for the third year in a row, they work well as a team and have a lot of young talent and experience. They don’t rely on one person to win games as anyone in the starting line up has the ability to win games for the team. If we stay focused on achieving the goals and continue to do the right things I believe we can win the league for the third time in a row.

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