Former Clarets Midfielder Set For Kidney Transplant

Kevin McDonald Set For Kidney Transplant On Friday

Former Clarets and current Fulham midfielder Kevin McDonald is set to have a kidney transplant on Friday this week with his brother as the donor. McDonald, exclusively told Sky Sports back in March he had been playing for over a decade with kidney disease and needs a potentially career-ending operation.

Updating his Instagram followers for the first time since then last March, Kevin McDonald wrote on Monday, “For those wondering where things are at regarding my health. I’m due to have my kidney transplant this Friday donated by my brother. I will update you all on my recovery, thank you as always for your support throughout.”

The Scotland international first discovered an issue 14 years ago after a medical during his move from Dundee to Burnley Football Club, the medical exam highlighted abnormalities. McDonald has gone on to make over 500 professional appearances and has represented his country on five occasions.

Speaking back in March 2021, Kevin McDonald said, “I’ve got one kidney that doesn’t work at all and one kidney that’s about 10 per cent now. I’ve been playing with stage 1 to now stage 5 kidney disease, which is chronic kidney disease, kidney failure.

Over the years, my kidney function has got worse. That’s what happens as part of the disease, it gets worse over time. We hoped I could get through my football career, then have a kidney transplant at the end of it but, unfortunately, it’s not happened.”

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