Bettie Lambert Interview

York City Knights Ladies have beaten Leeds Rhino’s Ladies in the final match of the season this afternoon at Headingley Stadium to win the Betfred Women’s Super League Championship for the first in the clubs history. Director of Rugby at York City Knights Ladies, Lindsay Anfield made a number of signings at the start of the season to strengthen the squad much like she did last season. However, the difference this season is she already had a decent squad to build on from last season.

Bettie Lambert is one of the York City Knights Ladies squad members who has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of seasons, having been part of the team that got to the Challenge Cup Final and then being selected for Ireland National team last season.

Lambert, who was a first team regular last season has been part of the clubs foundation over the last couple of years, has been a member of this seasons squad that has won the Women’s Super League Championship for the first time in its history.

Chadwick Media caught up with the Irish International at the start of the season ask a few questions about her time at York City Knights and her rugby career.


Biggest influence on your rugby career

The biggest influence on my rugby career so far would definitely have to be the rugby girls, they are always there to support you and keep pushing you to do better and without that support I would of most likely gave up playing the game of rugby.

What is the highlight of your rugby career

The highlight of my rugby career would be a tough one it would have to be between playing live on tv for York City Knights Ladies in the Challenge Cup Final or making my debut for Ireland and becoming an International player.

The toughest opponent you faced and why

Previously, before her move to York City Knights it was Tara Stanley, the way she is able to side step opponents and the power behind her runs was something that has always been a challenge for me. Again another outstanding player for both club and country.

Best player you played with and why

Katie Langan, she is someone who has always kept us girls going for the last few years, when we use to get beat by quiet a bit no matter what after a game she would always let’s fix our mistakes and focus on the next game. This year with a lot of new ones coming in it’s been tough and fighting for your shirt has been hard but Katie has always said that this is something you want to better yourself, to make you a better player you work harder for your shirt when you know that other people are fighting for the same position.

Best player you have played against and why

Amy Hardcastle, I think she is such a talented player who knows the game inside out, which always makes the games against St. Helens a tough one as she has a excellent all round game. As a player she has the ability to run with the ball, make strong tackles, kick the ball and score tries which is why she is an England International player. She also is an excellent ambassador for the game and helps show a lot of talent within women’s rugby.

Best manager you have played for and why

Daryl North as he has been there from when I first joined, he’s really helped me push myself to train harder and play harder. This year especially I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’ve done this year without him as my coach, he’s really believed in me when sometimes I have doubted myself and that’s helped me improve over the years and hopefully help me improve for the next few years.

Tell us about your rugby international debut

It was an amazing feeling to step out on that pitch to play my first ever international game, we worked hard as a team over the months to prepare ourselves for that moment and it’s something I’ll always be very proud off.

York City Knights Ladies finished fourth in the Women’s Super League as well as reaching the Challenge Cup Final finishing runners-up, but what were your highlights of last season

I think the highlights for me was definetely scoring my first league try, challenge cup try and international try. I also think a huge highlight has been the new girls coming into the team because without them I wouldn’t of been able to have any of them opportunities.

You had an excellent season term term playing for the Knights and of course being selected for Ireland, could you tell us what it felt like to receive your call up for Ireland

When I first found out about my call up I was over the moon, we weren’t allowed to share the news on social media until it was published. My family where so proud of me when they found out especial my gran and grandad!

What do you think York City Knights can achieve in the coming season with the new signings that have joined the club

I think we can achieve a lot this season all these new signings will make the team stronger, make the girls who are already here stronger. I know it’s something I’m really looking forward to see what we can achieve this year.

Finally, women’s sport is really starting to attract more attention in terms of PR/Media, Sponsorship & Attendance in the UK, how do you think this will benefit the women’s game going forward

I think this will make a huge impact on the woman’s game. There is already so many talented girls who are playing in rugby now and hopefully with the publicity of the woman’s game it’s going to encourage more girls to join a local team or play in schools! Hopefully over the next few years we can see the woman’s game grow

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