Ribblesdale & Bolton Cricket League Discussing Merger

Settle Cricket Club Voting On Proposed New Cricket League

The Thatcher’s Ribblesdale Cricket League and Bolton Cricket League are in talks about a possible merger a head of next season. Both leagues have been in discussions with clubs from the Bolton Cricket League in favour of the move, whilst clubs in the Ribblesdale Cricket League will vote in the very near future before a decision is made.

Bill Slinger, Chairman of the Ribblesdale Cricket League said, “The matter which has been discussed by the clubs in both leagues as a possible development. The Ribblesdale Cricket League clubs are discussing the potential merger and the potential format of a new league, the members of the league a will be looking to have a vote in the near future.”

Bolton Cricket League clubs recently voted unanimously for a merger and its understood Ribblesdale Cricket League clubs have until the 19th September 2022 for their final vote.

Bolton Cricket League Secretary Ray Taylor said, “If it goes ahead cricket will be improved for the first teams at all the clubs. The leagues are roughly of a similar standard and this should lead to more competitive cricket over two divisions. There will be more travelling for the teams, but for the clubs from both leagues half the away matches will be against local opponents.

Bolton Cricket League Executives have been to most of the grounds in the Ribblesdale Cricket League and are generally impressed with the facilities. The Bolton Cricket Junior Section has started to make imaginative use of Bank Holidays & School Holidays, whilst many of the Ribblesdale Cricket League grounds are not easily accessible for evening matches, day games between clubs & players from both leagues are a distinct possibility.”

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