Referee Investigation & Change Required

Investigations into Lee Mason Required

There is no doubt that referee’s within the English Football League and Premier League have a very difficult job, there has already been a number of seriously poor decisions made by referee’s this season, but Lee Mason’s decision at Turf Moor this afternoon was a disgrace.  It’s now time for the referee’s association to make some major changes to this so called professional body.

The referee’s association should now look at the rules which are making it hard for it’s referee’s to make correct decisions during matches, the first rule should be the off-side rule, there is no need to have first and second phase in the off-side rule and it should refer back to it was in the 1980’s when if you are off-side then its a free-kick. The second rule is handball, there is no need for was it intended or was it too close, it should be if it hits your hand or arm below the elbow its handball and therefore a penalty.


The fourth official is a total waste of time and should be removed from the pitch and placed in the stands to watch a real time video link of the game with replay options like they have in cricket, so that they can assist the officials on the pitch with fowls, penalties and diving decision.  Also if a referee receives poor feedback or he makes incorrect/poor decisions during a match then he should be banned for 5 games and sent for training.

Also, I don’t understand the point of a diving panel if they are only allowed to look at and investigate incidents that are referred to them by a match official.  There has been a number of clear cut cases of diving this season that the players have got away with when they should have been banned, this change is required to improve the game a stop diving in the UK leagues.

Mason Record

Questions are now being asked about referee Lee Mason, who give a last minute penalty to Arsenal against Burnley at Turf Moor this afternoon, which clearly wasn’t even a foul let alone a penalty.  Looking at Lee Mason’s record he has now been the referee in charge of nineteen Arsenal matches over the last eight years and the Gunners have failed to lose a single game that Lee Mason has been the official.

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